Tim Chaddick is the Lead Pastor of Reality Church London.

A native to California, Tim's first ten years of church-planting ministry started as the Lead Pastor of Reality LA in 2006, a thriving church in the heart of Hollywood, CA before moving to the UK in 2016. These churches are a part of the Reality family of churches, a movement committed to relational church planting and serving the broader body of Christ.

Tim's first two books, Better: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning and The Truth about Lies, were projects which came from lessons learned while living and pastoring in Los Angeles. Pastor Tim and his wife Lindsey care deeply about the ministry of the local church in major urban centres and seek to devote themselves to helping churches begin and flourish in their mission to share and reflect the gospel.

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Books by Tim

The Truth about Lies

Temptation isn’t merely about winning or losing a battle.

It’s about discovering who you truly are. And what matters most.

On a daily basis, we are all tempted to enjoy the gifts of this world while making the Giver optional or irrelevant in our quest for life. But what if, in God’s purposes, temptation is not merely an obstacle to overcome but an opportunity to flourish in faith?

Living in the truth exposes lies and turns moments of temptation into character-shaping opportunities, powerfully displaying our true identity as followers of Jesus.

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“What does it take to find satisfaction? Will I ever find something in life that’s better than this?”

Most people live a life they never would have planned. The good news is that coming to the end of their expectations means they’re on the brink of great wisdom, peace, and joy. The ancient author of Ecclesiastes helps us figure out it is quite possible to face detours and dead-ends in life and still find more satisfaction than you ever could have imagined. 

Better explores the mysteries, scandalous lines, and deep truths of Ecclesiastes and applies them to life today. Better seeks to show how the questions of the heart find their answer in the person of Jesus. Here you will find a vision of life that is neither naive nor cynical, but realistic and hopeful. Because the truth is, when God answers the questions, you finally realize what is better.

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Pastor Tim Chaddick and his wife Lindsey care deeply about the ministry of the local church in major urban centres and have sought to devote themselves to helping churches begin and flourish in their mission to share and reflect the gospel.

Tim was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Growing up, Christian faith was the last thing on his mind as he pursued pleasure, relationships and a musical career as the source of his identity. It wasn’t until he heard and received the gospel of Jesus Christ that the illusion of a self-centered life was shattered. In its place, Tim experienced forgiveness and newness of life with God.

Even though he then enrolled in a Bible college, he had no intention of pursuing pastoral ministry until a fresh reading of Romans 10 (“How shall they hear without a preacher?”) opened his eyes to God’s calling on his life. Shortly thereafter he married Lindsey and moved forward in vocational ministry, with a passion for urban church planting growing in his heart.

Ten years ago, Tim and Lindsey believed that God had called them to Los Angeles to plant a church. They moved to LA and as they started meeting with others in small prayer gatherings, God began to change lives and build a church for His glory. Since then, Reality LA has become a thriving church in Hollywood seeking the renewal of the city through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Tim's first two books, Better: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning and The Truth about Lies, were projects which came from lessons learned while living and pastoring at Reality LA. Looking back, it’s clear that it has been nothing but the sheer grace of God at work as the good news of Jesus has changed lives in Los Angeles. And now, ten years later, the Chaddicks believe that God has called them again — this time to London. 

The Chaddicks’ connection to London started 15 years ago through involvement with a variety of UK churches, and continued through a relationship with previous Reality church planters Mark and Lizzie Dyrud, who served in London for 5 years. In 2015, a prayerful process amongst the Reality church-planting pastors and Reality LA’s own pastoral team culminated in a shared call to send Pastor Tim and his family to plant a church in London as part of the Reality family of churches. The hope for Reality Church London is that over time, a leadership team would be raised up which cares deeply about Christ and His people, and which reflects the diversity of London. 

Tim currently serves as the Lead Pastor for Reality Church London. He and his wife live in North London with their three daughters Lily, Phoebe and Paige.  In all their endeavors, the Chaddicks desire to thrive as a family and to be a faithful presence within their local community as they seek to serve Christ and the people of London.